"Intro to Studio Photography"

1:30pm - 2:20pm

Make the move from flash photography into a studio setting! Virak will go over studio equipment, how it operates and how to use it.

One of the biggest challenges any portrait photographer faces is directing their models! Learn the techniques that will make you a professional!


Photographers are invited to attend workshops because we feel it is imperative that photographers gain insight into the modeling industry to better direct your models. Models feel more comfortable working with photographers who can give them proper direction. 

After classes, the Photographer Pass is your admission to a unique portrait studio experience including:

  • Professional lighting equipment (Alien Bee Strobe lights and modifiers)
  • 10-foot backdrops
  • Staff on-hand to provide technical support for equipment
  • AND of course...Models! (both agency and amateur)


The Photographer Pass is only $150, register for your ticket today!

If you do not intend to take photos at the event you can register for a Model Pass for free.

*in order to bring a camera on-site you must be carrying a Photographer Pass.

​If you're unfamiliar with a studio environment then be sure to take the "Intro to Studio Photography" workshop which is included in your pass!

Attend the networking hour! This is your opportunity to interact with models, decide who you like working with, and show them why they should work with you!

Finally, bring your business cards! You will have a chance to arrange future opportunities with your favorite new colleagues during the cocktail hour.