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Dress comfortably but remember: In this industry you are judged. Models would prefer to work with someone that has a clean, professional appearance rather than someone in a t-shirt and worn-out jeans. Photographers may (and will) be asked to step in front of the camera themselves!

When choosing your wardrobe think "high-fashion." No nudity or suggestive clothing. Form-fitting works best for photos. Avoid text and logos on outfits.

​You are welcome to bring additional clothing to change for different looks. No changing rooms are available but you may do so in the restrooms.

Room 233 and Room 235 are designated rooms for photography.

​Doors open at 12:30 and close at 4:20. 

- Models are available during this time and have been compensated. Ask politely and they will model for you to take photos. 

- Models have been instructed to say "NO" to any requests that they are uncomfortable with. They have the right to walk away at any time of their choosing.

​- Do not touch the models. Maintain a distance of at least two-feet at all times. Contact is cause for immediate removal from the premises - No exceptions.

- Photographers that have been flagged as disrespectful by a model will be asked to leave without a refund. No warnings will be issued and hired models have full authority over this.

- Do not allow session with model to exceed 15 minutes as other photographers may be waiting to work with the model you are shooting. You may return to the model at a later time.

- If a photographer is working with a model please respect their space and do not "shoot over their shoulder."

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The Liaison Capitol Hill ($122/room per night)
- Same block

Phoenix Park Hotel (Average $115/room per night)

- One block away (North)

- Hyatt Regency Hotel on Capitol Hill (Average $142/room per night)

- One block away (West)

- Garage Parking is available in the building for $22/day. Enter from E St NW and park on Level 2C or 3C. Take elevator to lobby and check-in at security desk

- Metered Street parking is available with two-hour limits.

- Union Station Metro is 2 blocks away and we strongly urge you to consider this as your primary method of transportation.

This event is being held in a professional building. We ask that you maintain a level of class, respect and decorum.

Respect all parties - the staff, the models and the photographers.

We encourage networking and even allotted time to exchange business cards and contact information.

Most importantly - HAVE FUN!!

Photo Studio Room

General Etiquette

444 N Capitol St NW #285, Washington, DC 20002



You MUST have a valid ID to present to security on arrival.Security will print out a badge with your name on it for you to allow access in and out of the building. Once you have your badge, take elevator to 2nd floor and follow signs to Room 285 and register at the table in front of the room.

The Hall of the States Building is heavily secured due to its vicinity to the US Capitol and the high-ranking tenants of the building (Fox News, CSPAN, NBC, National Governors Association, VirakPhoto, etc).

You are responsible for all your belongings, including any damage that may occur during your stay of the event. We also ask that you respect the properties of others while on the premise.

We ask that photographers use the hashtag, #ModelFestDC when posting their work via social media (Facebook, etc).

Utilize the networking hour to exchange information and make arrangements between each respective party. VirakPhoto and ModelFest are not responsible for the exchange and production of photography produced at the event.

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