ModelFest's vision is to bring people of the fashion, modeling and photography industry together in a safe space. We want participants to grow in their respective fields without fear of judgement or belittlement. 

We wish to maintain a high level of professionalism, class and respect.

Meet Dakota

Dakota is a Washington D.C. based full-time model running her own modeling business. 

She works with a large team of photographers and conducts workshops on a regular basis.

Meet Agatha

Agatha is more than a model, she also has a degree in film and works behind the camera as well. She is of the directors of ModelFest.

Agatha is an agency model currently with Bucceri Elite Models and holds the 2016 Miss Virginia Latina title.

Meet Jamal

Jamal is a freelance actor and agency model currently based in the Washington, D.C. area.

He has coached for several runway shows and made numerous television appearances. 


BTS Media Director

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Meet Virak

Virak, a portrait photogragrapher from the Washington, D.C. area is the Executive Director of VirakPhoto which owns and operates ModelFest and PhotoFest.

When he's not taking busy taking photos you can find him on the dance floor! He is a former ballroom dance teacher and avid social latin dancer.

"When I first started taking photography seriously I searched online for information but there was so much of it; I didn't know where to start.

After years of taking classes and on-hand experience I felt that there needed to be a better, simplified way. So, I started PhotoFest - a day of workshops for aspiring photographers.

During PhotoFest I provided the participants with seasoned models and a few "pretty girls" to stand in front of the camera.

I found it interesting that some of the most beautiful women I come across (especially in the dance scene) have no idea what to do in front of the camera. They become shy, nervous and awkward.

Meet Sidory

Sidory is a Washington D.C. based freelance make-up artist working in print, tv, film, fashion and event make-up.

She has worked on The Housewives of DC, prepared many high-ranking political figures for television broadcast, and her work has appeared in numerous magazines.

It occurred to me that there was nothing available for aspiring models to follow. 

Modeling, like Photography, is a very difficult industry to break into amidst the ever-growing competition; but the demand still remains.

I want people to realize that you don't have to be a 6-feet tall with a flat stomach to be a model - you just need to know what you're doing."

​ModelFest Director

Meet Corey

Corey is a studio photographer who has years of experience working with agency models

He holds workshops on studio lighting and equipment.




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